MRKcorporation is simple and easy merchant transaction service broker.

About US

Global Alliance

MRKcorporation has established a business in Newport Beach state of California in 20xx known as pioneer of Global Fraud Management Portal.We also have service and sales department in Japan not only in the USA and our R&D is located in England. We serve safe merchant transaction worldwide.We are known as the best merchant transaction solution partner in Europe.

We have been in business since year of 2000 in Japan and we have been building and serving Japan and other country by using group alliance for our merchant.

MRKcorporation security

Our datacenter for MRKcorporation is based in USA and MRKcorporation is based on mission critical Electronic Check Processing. Which is monitored by human 365days a year 24 hours a day.Incase power outage, fire, accidents, earthquake natural hazards, hacking, cyber terrorists attacks, for the worst case scenario we have data center in multiple place in the states for back up and manage to avoid to stop any businesses.

MRKcorporation system is designed and built to handle mass increase of transactions for global companies. At the data center 30% of the capacity is used in average and even for peek time such as Christmas or any holidays it is design to use 50% of the capacity. For overall system we have a scheduled maintenance.

By having our company that requires the highest standard of security which is in state of California we offer a trusted, stabled, and secured merchant transaction service at the highest level.

Installation to operation

MRKcorporations client software API(Application Program Interface)is a freeware to use. By installing API you will be able to use almost all the service that we offer. We are recommended by a lot of our clients and have good reviews.SAPR, ORACLER is recommended for building core system.

Cyber source merchant transaction service is developed for multi language. From installing to operation is consult in Japanese and English bilingual support.

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