MRKcorporation is simple and easy merchant transaction service broker



We will be introducing the billing service. We cater our service to companies with non face to face business. We provide our service to companies that have merchant service or do not have merchant service yet.

Oversea Service

It is the best solution for security and method for oversea transactions in Dollar, Euro or other such as paypal.

EC merchant Services

The best solution for small EC site merchant account. MRKcorporation will store and secure your end users credit card info and will be managed on the payment page and merchant user will not have to store and secure. And we also provide EZ-mail payment service. we provide service for your needs.

Mobile merchant service

You may be able to use MRKcorporation ssl by simply entering the credit card number into the payment screen. All you need to do is just have a selected URL in the page you desire and one click will take you to the payment screen and you will be able to finish your transaction. After the transaction completes we it will send out a automated mail with your desire URL to go. We backup your internet business with our speedy secure and easy merchant system.

You will use the merchant account for all i-mode、EZweb、SoftBank
*You may choose which credit card merchant service to use by each case.

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